⚒️Integrate With Non-Java Code

How to integrate SOFA with other languages

LotusScript (HCL Notes/Domino)

LotusScript to Java (LS2J) allows you to call Java code directly from your HCL Notes/Domino application code.

Step 1: Download SOFA

Step 2: Import the SOFA classes into HCL Domino Designer:

  • Expand Code > Script Libraries

  • New Script Library: Create a new library (e.g. "OAuth-SOFA-Java") of Type Java

  • Import > Archive and select the directory with the SOFA.zip file from the previous step

  • Save the script library

These Java class files will be stored in the background. There will be no visible information in HCL Domino Designer.

Step 3: Use the code

Add the following two statements in your LotusScript code:

'-- LotusScript to Java Connector
UseLSX "*javacon"

'-- SOFA Java Classes
Use "OAuth-SOFA-Java"        '-- Script library from step 2

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